Filling in Application Forms

Person holding Big TickBefore you start:

  • Always read the instructions for any application carefully
  • Make sure you understand all the questions.  If not ask someone to help
  • Write the answers on rough paper before putting them on the form
  • Check your spelling and get someone to proof read for you

Filling in the form:

  • If hardcopy, check if you are asked to use a certain colour pen when filling in the form, black is often requested
  • Never use pencil
  • Keep the hardcopy form clean and tidy
  • Check spellings as you go
  • If you make a mistake either neatly cross it out or use a small amount of correcting fluid
  • Always keep your answers to the point
  • The space given is an indication of how much information they want
  • Answer ALL the questions.  If the question is not applicable to you, write N/A, don’t just leave it blank
  • Make sure you mention any and all experience that is relevant to the job

When you have finished:

  • Check through you answers carefully
  • Make sure the dates are correct
  • Make a photocopy of the hardcopy or print off the completed form for future reference and in case you are offered an interview
  • Use a large envelope to avoid folding the form

Send it off in plenty of time!